Your shelter in the Alps montagna

Hiking chalet in Val di Fassa. It offers an excellent starting point for hiking, skiing, or climbing. And it's a peaceful place for a family vacation.



Take your time for a miracle

The ideal magical place to spend a vacation in the Alps together with your entire family. The rustic and traditional Ladin atmosphere of the Chalet will make yourself feel at home throughout your stay. And do not miss the opportunity to taste our tipical dishes of Val di Fassa and Trentino.

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Double room

1 - 2 persons | 13 m²

A bright room with mountain view and a balcony. Ideal for a couple.

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Balcony | Wi-Fi | TV | Shower | Hairdryer | No smoking | Moquette | Animals not allowed

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Double economy

1 - 2 persons | 12 m²

The variant of the double room without a balcony.

Available services

Wi-Fi | TV | Shower | Hairdryer | No smoking | Moquette | Animals not allowed

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Triple room “Panoramic”

2 - 3 persons | 19 m²

A triple room with an additional bed and a view of the Sella Pass is perfect for a family.

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Balcony | Sofa Bed | Wi-Fi | TV | Bathtub | Hairdryer | Access for disabled people | No smoking | Moquette | Animals not allowed

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Triple room “Alpine”

2 - 3 persons | 14 m²

A room with a bunk bed (2 beds) plus a single bed, which kids will love.

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Balcony | Bunk Bed | Wi-Fi | TV | Shower | Hairdryer | No smoking | Moquette | Animals not allowed

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Quadruple room “Family”

3 - 4 persons | 29 m²

Our largest room consisting of two interconnecting double rooms. Perfect for a larger family or group.

Available services

Balcony | Wi-Fi | TV | Shower | Hairdryer | No smoking | Moquette | Animals not allowed

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In our restaurant, which specializes in Ladin cuisine, you will find delicious dishes typical of this region, as well as homemade desserts made with passion.

Some of our typical dishes

Tyrolean Spätzle

Tyrolean Spätzle is a perfect comfort food to face the harsh Alpine temperatures. Its goodness and simplicity make it a dish loved by both young and old. It is a kind of fresh pasta, similar to tagliatelle or gnocchi, but with an irregular and rustic shape. In the Tyrolean version, Spätzle is enriched with speck (smoked ham), cream, and grana cheese.

Polenta with Mushrooms

Polenta with mushrooms is a traditional and tasty dish that has its roots in the peasant cuisine of the Italian Alpine regions. This dish is beloved throughout northern Italy, especially in mountainous and pre-Alpine areas where delicious mushrooms grow.

Tyrolean Platter

The cold cuts platter is a delightful and traditional Italian dish that offers a selection of various and tasty cured meats. In our Tyrolean version of this dish, we add speck (smoked ham), cooked ham, salami, and various local cheeses from the area.

Apple Strudel

Originating from the heart of Central Europe and celebrated for its Austrian heritage, strudel embodies the perfect fusion of delicate pastry dough and exquisitely curated filling. The essence of our strudel resides in its filling, where succulent apple slices mingle with warm cinnamon, the sweetness of sugar, and the gentle embrace of raisins. Encased in its crispy golden exterior, every bite is a symphony of textures and flavors.


Kaiserschmarren is a delicious and classic Austrian dish that has its roots in Tyrolean cuisine. It is a tasty and fluffy sweet pancake, enriched with raisins and served with a generous portion of cranberry jam.

Homemade Cake

No store-bought cake can match the genuineness and authenticity of a homemade cake. It is a truly delightful experience that goes far beyond mere taste. It is a demonstration of love, dedication, and culinary art that makes each slice of homemade cake unique and unforgettable.


Enjoy the nature in peace

We at Monti Pallidi do know how important it is to find yourself alone amidst the beauty of this places to truly appreciate the mountains, forests, waterfalls and rivers. And we at Monti Pallidi, located at an altitude of 1850m, just outside the town of Canazei, we are in a perfect place to momentarily forget about the cities and enjoy nature as it is.

Shuttle Service

The refuge is located near the ski lifts. However, our customers are offered a free shuttle service, which will take you to the ski lifts in the Pian Frataces or Pecol areas. All you need to book a shuttle is:

  • Let the staff know about your intention to take the shuttle.
  • Arrange the departure and return times.
  • Be ready at the agreed time with your skis.

Sports Activities

The Rifugio Monti Pallidi is located in a strategic place to start your favorite sports activities both in summer and winter.

You will find both summer and winter sports activities with us.



Numerous paths in the Sella Group that you can start directly from our chalet without even touching your car's steering wheel. Easily reach Passo Sella or Passo Pordoi and all connected trails.

Via Ferratas

The Sella Group can certainly boast of its via ferratas. We highly recommend 'Mèsules' and 'Piazzetta'. The former is quite long but not too difficult, while the latter is shorter and more challenging. Both via ferratas are very popular among tourists.


The chalet is located directly on the road that connects Canazei with Passo Sella and Passo Pordoi, and the other two passes that together form the famous 'quattro passi' route. This road is very popular among both professional and amateur cyclists. Additionally, the chalet is close to the ascent to Passo Fedaia, which is one of the most popular climbs among cyclists.

Mountain Biking

The chalet is in the vicinity of many mountain bike trails. Discover the most famous routes in our area.


Val di Fassa is a paradise for climbers. There are many climbing routes of various levels of difficulty. Additionally, the chalet is close to a climbing gym in Campitello di Fassa.


Feed the marmots. An absolutely valid activity reachable in a quarter of an hour from our chalet. Everyone will be happy: you, the kids, and certainly the marmots.


For those who want a more relaxed activity but still want to be active, there are numerous paths and walks between the villages of Val di Fassa and the woods of these mountains.


In the summer, you will never be bored with the vast array of things you can do in the mountains. Enjoy numerous trekking paths or easy summer walks. If you are passionate about cycling, the four Dolomite passes and mountain bike trails are waiting for you. Climbing, via ferratas, paragliding, and many other activities can be found near our refuge in the summer.


Dolomiti Superski is in immediate proximity to the chalet. You can start from Pian Frataces or Pecol. And don't forget Marmolada, the highest peak in the Dolomites, which is also accessible by ski only.


Even if you don't know how to ski, it's not a reason to miss the opportunity to enjoy the mountains in winter. With snowshoes, you also have a chance to discover trails that you wouldn't have taken in the summer. Moreover, you can rent snowshoes from our refuge. Ask us for information.

Ski Alpinism

If 200km of ski slopes are not enough for you and you consider yourself an experienced skier, don't limit yourself to just the slopes! Take the opportunity to stay with us and find yourself in the morning right at the starting point of a ski mountaineering route.

Ice Skating

In Alba di Canazei, a village near our chalet, there is an ice rink that is open in winter to invite tourists to go ice skating.


Winter is equally full of sports activities. The ski slopes are just minutes away from our chalet. And if those are not enough for you, we will be happy to accommodate experienced skiers who can start a splendid day of ski mountaineering from our refuge. But even if you don't know how to ski, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to go for a walk with snowshoes, which is a truly unique experience of enjoying the mountains in winter.

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We are located on the road that connects Canazei and Passo Sella. We are a fifteen-minute drive away from both the town and the pass.

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